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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-04-25T18:29:15+00:00
If I have additional questions about Treat Collective products, how can I get in touch?2023-04-25T18:30:38+00:00
What is the best way to store Treat Collective products?2023-04-25T16:33:44+00:00

Treat Collective treats should be stored at normal room temperature away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

How many treats per day should I feed my dog?2023-04-25T16:33:08+00:00

Treat Collective’s feeding instructions vary depending upon your dog’s weight and the product. New treats, just like new dog food, should be introduced gradually to your dog. We recommend starting with 25% of the daily maximum shown in the feeding guidelines below for the first two days, increasing to 50% in day 3, then 75% in days 4 and 5, with the maximum beginning day 6. For smaller dogs, we recommend breaking the treat into bite-sized pieces. Always monitor your dog when feeding treats, and please keep in mind that treats are not a substitute for a complete diet with balanced nutrition. Not for human consumption. Always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.For detailed feeding guidelines, visit our individual Treats pages.

Where Can I Buy Treat Collective?2023-04-25T16:32:37+00:00

Treat Collective products are available online through and soon, as well as at select retailers around US and Canada. See our Shop for a full list of all of our retailers. Before visiting your local store, call them to ensure they have what you want.


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